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Intermediary heat shortly 40
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On September 6, the world of collect of 40 beautiful Li Yun that comes from countrywide each district is natural bound of bequest Zhang Jia, the part of travel of international of 2008 China Hunan that sprint holds Yu Yi day " bound of absolutely beautiful Zhang Jia " intermediary heat of beautiful angel trials. Area of among them in relief shake of 3 Sichuan continous player most suffer fix eyes upon, division of scene of treasure peak lake has expressed to bear the holding cost that they take part in the match.
As we have learned, these entering " bound of absolutely beautiful Zhang Jia " the beautiful of intermediary heat of beautiful angel trials beautiful it is round-the-world activity net choose through sea of two months time, promote stage by stage from inside player of the 300 contest at the beginning of the name. Arouse before the contest that held in the evening that day on the meeting, travel section opening ceremony always directs Chen Wei health encourage each player to surpass a friendship, contest to give force, contest to give figure, wang Peng of vice president of round-the-world activity network undertook introductory to the specific content of intermediary heat and note, medium company president is inspected in criterion acceptance and the autograph of 12 beautiful angel that single out finally pat photography to inspect drama about. Numerous player expresses, will attend beautiful angel trials with best mental scene, no matter whether be elected as beautiful angel, can lay god-given money into humanness.
Additional, trials intermediary heat divides imitate to explain swimsuit of show of Home Zhang group, talent, body to show 3 segment, before 24 fine that game gave 7 days that day beautiful the play-off that will attend 8 days.

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