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Information of post of obtain employment of kind benefit county is entered into
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"Cannot think of, doorway is in the home can find the job, too convenient. " Chen Mou of villager of small towns of seedling of kind benefit county is released in the obtain employment information of the village after the job is being found on column, say gladly. Kind benefit county is carried out actively " obtain employment information is entered into the village door " project, the antenna that disseminates obtain employment information is extended to each village and innumberable families, this county releases post information in all since this year more than 5000, already 568 villagers found working station in door mouth.

Kind benefit county shares 680 thousand population, rural population 430 thousand, among them force of rural surplus labor 250 thousand more than person. Come for years, network of information of resource of this county manpower enclothes villages and towns only one class, although,be apart from to the country from villages and towns short, but transmission of obtain employment information is in however " screen " condition. For cogent solve problem of obtain employment of force of surplus labor of nice rural area, come this year, bureau of service of government of obtain employment of kind benefit county in entire county 669 administrative village built obtain employment to serve a network entirely, execute " one village an one column " , namely each administrative village decides a labor is ensured assist the member that be in charge of, establish information of an obtain employment to release column, assist the basic case that provides a responsible investigation to master this village labour force, do natural resources of nice able-bodied person to investigate statistic, begin conduct propaganda of policy of labor obtain employment, offer policy to seek advice to serve with obtain employment, seasonable paste releases information of supply and demand of labor natural resources.

This action authentic was worn beset obtain employment protective screen of the country, the obtain employment information of kind benefit county travels from " the Yao of one pace " turn into " one pace reachs the designated position " , realized county, villages and towns, village network of information of resource of 3 class manpower is enclothed completely, farther tamp plan as a whole foundation of urban and rural obtain employment, for force of surplus labor of vast rural area move obtain employment provided capacious platform.

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