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Home Zhang group carries fast traffic to build butt joint international market
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Bound of Zhang Jia of ground of world natural heritage is accelerating highway, railroad, airport to build in the round, pull close with the world " spatio-temporal " distance, strive to make become internationally travel goes vacationing.

The Home Zhang group that is located in ministry of Hunan Province northwest has the general configuration of the earth's surface of quartz sandstone peak forest of kilometer of nearly 400 square, be the world is exclusive with out of print. 2 7 years 00, accumulative total of area of each situation of whole town of Home Zhang group recieves a tourist to amount to one person-time, become China to recieve the tourist's most city.

Make Home Zhang group world tourism destination from regional travel center, already became the target that local government is trying hard. Zhao Xiaoming of mayor of Home Zhang group discloses to the reporter, home Zhang group should become city of world tourism high-quality goods, first now job accelerates traffic facilities to build namely, shorten the distance of Home Zhang group and world.

Zhao Xiaoming introduces, regard Hunan as one of two International Airports, the lotus airport of Home Zhang group is undertaking extend, flight runway should lengthen 3300 meters from 2300 meters. After extend is finished, international air bus can fall in this, the flight radius of the plane also enlarges 5000 kilometers, can cover the whole world, lotus airport is international artery airport by promotion of domestic trunk airport.

Omiting border passageway aspect, this year second half of the year be about to start working builds piece (domestic group) flower (wall) high speed, with growing mediumly in construction (sanded) change (Chongqing) the freeway is linked together in churchyard of Hua Yuan county receive, but the passageway that bound of get through Zhang Jia leads to southwest direction; Railroad respect, guizhou Zhang Changtie road has entered a country " 915 " program, strive for as soon as possible start working; Interurban traffic respect, home Zhang group is considering to open nonstop motor-car set with Changsha. In the meantime, the plan opens light course in urban center area, direct scene area.

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