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Tramp over hill and dale serves warm city to lead source of the hill that go to
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Heavy snow lies between ceaseless dry feelings of the masses, severe cold is not blocked for common feelings of people. On January 22, the belt such as city leadership Lu Jianguo, Fan Yuntian, Rao Shengmei, Liu Dexiang the group comes to area of fierce hill source, it is family member of Party member, serviceman, difficult that Mao Xue visits condolatory poverty masses and welfare courtyard old person, serve festal blessing and greeting to them, send the consideration of party and government.
Cross the big mountain with white pure white snow, lu Jianguo comes in the home of Xie Yocheng of impoverished Party member all right, be informed Xie Yocheng to fall ill all the year round, the family is very impoverished, lu Jianguo and Yan Xiyu say to him, although the life faces a few difficulty now, but party and government won't forget you, have what difficulty everybody is overcome jointly, believing difficulty is temporary. When be being faced, lu Jianguo exhorts Xie Yocheng well body of take good care of sb, strive for in a new year working life has new improvement.
In the home that strands a Zhang Chaoxin especially, see so much city leads tramp over hill and dale to visit him, zhang Chaoxin is very excited. He says, weather is so cold, so much leads ground of hill tall great distance to come over to visit him, regard socialism as a citizen of the country, he feels special happiness. He wishs the motherland is more prosperous in New Year heartily, the topological features of Home Zhang group is nicer and nicer.
After visitting Zhang Chaoxin, ground of a without a stop comes Lu Jianguo to home of respect for the aged of valley of all alone brook, see the old person of orphans and widows here. City leadership and old people one by one handclasp, bless their health long life, life happiness, served condolatory gold. Subsequently, city leaderships visit a village to enter door, visit expressed sympathy and solicitude for " two ginseng " personnel Mao Shan is changed, Shen Jinxia of serviceman family member, encourage them to walk out of predicament, bless them to work in New Year successful, family is happy.

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