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Home Zhang group spring late be all set
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Will meet with broad citizen late on January 30 ' evening party of Spring Festival of group of 2008 pieces of homes enters final preparation phase. On January 21 afternoon, chen Meilin of minister of ministry of propaganda of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee comes to duty of boat courtyard, brigade, one moderate land, kind visit the personnel performing duty of nervous rehearse.
Watching greet Olympic Games, goddess in the moon to run quickly month, overjoyed wait for a program, after listening to leader of city broadcasting television bureau and group of evening party director to prepare the report of the circumstance about the evening party, chen Meilin expresses satisfaction to the each preparation work of the evening party.
' evening party of Spring Festival of group of 2008 pieces of homes is by municipal Party committee propagandist department is sponsorred, the evening party of the 3rd Spring Festival of our city that city TV station undertakes. Whole platform evening party was full of full-bodied local people characteristic and period flavor, the auspicious situation with prosperity of progress of progress of solidarity of nation of our city of will comprehensive report, society, economy, culture, stable overall situation.
In program rehearse spot, chen Meilin asks, all actors want good with brand-new mental scene rehearse program, should be familiar with orchestic every movement, notice to make good expression. He begs actors even especially young actor notices to prevent cold, protect the body. Chen Meilin says, evening party of current Spring Festival, must do a level, do an effect, show a happy and auspicious Spring Festival evening party to people of whole town every nationality. The music of he is whole still evening party is made offerred specific opinion.

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