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Courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of city of Home Zhang group fin
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On January 4 morning, just finish leftover penis excision and Tu Kai of patient of the urethral and perineal operation that create an opening (alias) in ward in spirits staggers pace, this mark is worn this operation is in Home Zhang group hospital consummation. This kind of operation still is belonged to in the our city first, in complete province and even whole nation very infrequent also.
Tu Kai this year 39 years old, level ground of ground of officer of mulberry establish county presses down a person, occurrence bump of place of the penis 15 years ago, accompany the debaucjed that has fixed rate. Demand medical service this to courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of Home Zhang group, be diagnosed to be phallic cancer. Courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of Home Zhang group takes this operation seriously very much, comprised surgical director Luo Peng to fly, Shu Shaoquan of doctor in charge of a case, Peng Hu form of 3 hand art, after the observation that passes earlier stage is treated, on January 2, applied for the patient operation. Excise patient penis above all, open road junction of a new make water for the patient next. Art of 4 hours defensive position is accused eventually finish, it is normal that system of body of the patient after art imposes quota. Surgical director Luo Peng flies express, our city of this kinds of operation does not have precedent, complete province and even whole nation are very infrequent also, together with patient has 15 years of medical history, accompany have a variety of complication, cause this operation difficulty to soar. The consummation of the operation, the mark is worn the our city walked along complete province front row in technology of this kinds of operation.


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