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Indoor outfit study at school had supervisor---First guild consumer complains Ho
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Report from our correspondent on January 10, adornment of city of Home Zhang group decorates association consumer to complain a station to hold water (complain a phone: 2117110) . This is system of first industry of our city complain a station, accept interior decoration technically to decorate limits inside complain, in order to raise the consciousness of Wu of product quality kimono of the industry.
In recent years, as estate market hot, interior decoration decorates an industry to present an unprecedented prosperous picture. But as a result of indoor decorate technical content tall, professional strong, average consumer the lack as a result of professional knowledge, appeared when thought fors the time being a lot of difficulty and problem. Should complain a station to hold water, will offer more convenient, quick processing way for consumer, the health that also will advance our city interior decoration to decorate an industry further develops.


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