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World bequest opens week of travel to recieve innovation tall
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Opened Zhou Yiyuan to fall completely to the world bequest December 31 on December 25, 2007 next heavy curtain, area of scene of core of source of hill of the fierce inside 7 days welcomes visitor of China and foreign countries in all 115115 people, welcome a visitor on average everyday 16445 people. Among them, mixed 31 days on December 30, day recieves tourist discharge to exceed 20 thousand more than person, off-season travel welcomes source of the hill that achieve fierce the history is new tall.
To enhance sale of winter travel market, make full use of resource of off-season and unused travel, alleviate travel is off-season supply and demand is contradictory, change of landscape of nature of winter of area of scene of core of source of combinative fierce hill is not big, the distinctive charm that place of landforms of sandstone peak forest has quartz, area of fierce hill source appoint district government decides to hold " world bequest is open " activity, come on December 25, 2007 on December 31, area of scene of core of fierce hill source faces a whole world to open a week freely. Up to on December 31 afternoon 6: 00, world bequest opens the travel of week to recieve the job to end smoothly, this second world bequest opens cycle, scene area travel is well-ordered, traffic is expedite, atmosphere is grumous, price is stable, safety is harmonious, achieved " safe, order, quality, benefit " 4 unified anticipation work target, highest peak day recieved tourist discharge to achieve fierce hill source off-season travel recieves the history new tall.


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