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Ensure " 4 " along the line esteems Wen Lu in order 7 office illegal building is
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Get attention fully " 4 " transform a project integratedly to be in of broad citizen and social all circles support energetically below be about to comprehensive complete, to assure " 4 " environment of along the line is beautiful, sleek, maintain road unobstructed, on January 2 afternoon, the staff member of the function branch such as bureau of canal of town of public security bureau of Chong Wen agency, city, city and city program bureau in all 180 people, violate a building to be located in 7 place of Chong Wenlu, undertook enforcing demolishing lawfully.
The 7 part that dismantle change this violate building gross area 210 square metre, belong to take up illegally agricultural the ground and illegal construction behavior. As we have learned, shutdown warning has been issued before the city is in charge of a branch to violate plan building construction in these a few, but these a few residents do not let dissuade, the purpose is fluky pass a barrier. Below the staff member's harmony, 7 place violate a building to be demolished lawfully.


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