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Station of Home Zhang group will be greeted " year end " travel special train
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Came 31 days on December 25, hold in source of hill of fierce of Home Zhang group " bequest opens culture week " during, station of Home Zhang group will be greeted 2007 special train of last times of travel.
As we have learned, since December, group of return railroad tourism counts Zhou Jun of station of Home Zhang group to be controlled in 5 only, take the train to come to Home Zhang the travel inpour of the bound enters the end end off-season passageway. At during, travel special train is arrived at, be sure to bring a person to enrage to bound of off-season Zhang Jia. The Y391 that leaves for Home Zhang group from Jinan second travel special train will on December 25 6 when berth stands in Zhang Jia bound, after staying 2 days, travel special train heads for Chengdu. In journey of Home Zhang group, hundreds passenger can receive travel special train not only " bequest opens culture week " natural heritage of world of Wu Ling source avoids entrance ticket to visit pay, return the particular romance that will experience in christmas western festival is in West Hunan. To cooperate city of Home Zhang group " bequest opens culture week " travel sale activity, the high level that Home Zhang group stands to decorate passenger transport to serve personnel to recieve travel special train strictly according to busy season ahead of schedule designedly lets a passenger enjoy honoured guest service.

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