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Guideline of resume of 21 centuries graduate
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6, policy of ” of high spending of talent of “ of our company nonperformance, civil member namely civil member, the engineer is an engineer, you had ability of admittance of a simple to go, won't overall demand your English country of 6 class computer 2 class. So, have ability can person, need not worry. “ resume does not make a holiday, typical one big foolish ” ? You just are one big foolish!

7, all having excessive and abasement or the resume of mood of secure personal gain is uniform do not look.

8, if must add cool and refreshing photo, the trouble changes Zhang Mingxing, I think manager of most human affairs likes star to illuminate.

Sincere letter is the first requirement of undergraduate trend society, although sometimes it looks not costly, but it is impayable however. If your entirely does not agree with above regulation, so congratulation you, you had been had build up from nothing, the good foundation that does poineering work independently.

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