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To apply for a job: The battle of the PK of tradition and network method
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Graduate of 490 much colleges set foot on the road of to apply for a job 2007. Sorching summer, draw near the undergraduate that graduation has not find the job began sprint of final to apply for a job. Once was missed 7, the fastigium of to apply for a job August, this batch have not the “ duty field that the graduate of obtain employment will be faced with awkwardness is refrigerant period ” .

Many to apply for a job person get the influence of traditional obtain employment idea, apply for a job to see newspaper search “ only the help wanted ” of bean curd piece, perhaps run run large talent invite applications for a job is met. A few graduate ran much field invite applications for a job will be empty-handed however, and another some of to apply for a job person it is online dub mouse sent resume to find the job that admire in the heart only, after all how is the finding with relaxed ability good the job? Does the fast to apply for a job of low cost have He Jie way?

The reporter dogs the friend that interviewed two to apply for a job, apply for a job them the energy of expenditure and cost undertook comparative, let everybody understand two kinds of means to apply for a job person, and current situation of their to apply for a job.

● Liu Xia

English of major of secret of article of 23 years old of undergraduate course 6 class Cantonese

Resume of equipment individual photo

The country is born Liu Xia, father generation people cognizance “ got on an university to have prospect namely ” . What can not think of is, successive university enlarge action of a few years was brought annual millions of graduate. The rate that graduate dimensions increases exceeded a society far significant demand, the route of the to apply for a job of college graduate goes unusually hardships.

To let oneself from numerous to apply for a job person among show itself, liu Xia did special photo resume. There are oneself inside youth is beautiful beautiful life photograph, bold photo is illuminated, she hopes to attract official of invite applications for a job with this. The reporter calculates, smooth the making cost of this resume is hundreds of yuan, resume duplicate pays hundreds of yuan even additionally.

Crowded broken scalp sends resume

Discharged cue of a few minutes, liu Xia buys a ticket to enter Guangdong talent invite applications for a job to meet eventually, the result was dumbfounded however. Come to the enterprise of invite applications for a job do not have a few at all, but come the person of to apply for a job is ” of “ huge crowd of people really truly, whole invite applications for a job can be squeezed watertightly!

The sweat taste with all sorts of noisy roaring sound, bad summer is full of his ear bazoo, person and person the inch of jostle each other in a crowd, the distance of mutual contact connects the distance of one fist to be done not have. The makeup appearance that Liu Xia planned one hour was become by lane of sweat be soiled “ spends facial ” greatly, the white skirt that goes up personally also is done mimeograph is full of stains or spotsly by the ink marks on resume.
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