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Large invite applications for a job met Shanghai exhibition center 8 years on Ap
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Extend meeting time: 2008-4-19 comes 2008-4-19
Exhibit meeting site: Shanghai exhibits a center (the road in Yan'an 1000 Nanjing on the west road 1333)
Sponsor an unit: Talent market
Undertake unit:
(add additionally set: M of lax of pa of  of ㄇ of bottom of million situation large bamboo hat spends twinkling to cast ㄇ 
Time: 8 years on April 19 (Saturday) communication of resource of large labor power meets Shanghai exhibition center
Address: Shanghai exhibits a center (the road in Yan'an 1000 Nanjing on the west road 1333)
Traffic: 15, 20, 21, 24, 37, 41, 48, 49, 57, 104, 127, 548, 921, 925, 936, the subway 2 lines (Jing Ansi stands) etc can amount to
Place of top-ranking invite applications for a job, first-rate invite applications for a job is met, will draw the top-ranking talented person with nicer more!
In the numerous company that calendar year joins Shanghai to exhibit communication of central manpower resource to meet, there is no lack of have group of rich of group of Xi Menzi, Beieraerkate, treasure steel, world, Shi Naide electric, Hua Yegang Si Dakang of iron, UT, collect.
List of house of look forward to of all previous day:
Shanghai exhibition center is one of Shanghai's main mark sex buildings, ceng Ju has done hundreds domestic and international exhibition, it is Shanghai go up long the saloon house of negative great reputation.
Place interior is capacious and bright, adornment is elegant, it is to show company image, action virtuous Shang Jia chooses Na Shizhi.
Shanghai exhibition center reposes at downtown flourishing a sector of an area, communication is easy, 2 lines pass many public transportation artery and subway, border constant grand square, baud graceful big public house, north leans on road of 10 lis of Nanjing, na Linyan installs a road to be worn high, geographical condition is advantageous.
We invite company target:
News report of electron, electric equipment, mechanical, computer, network, optical, mould; Investment, management, sale, foreign trade, content flows; Food, health care, biology, medicine, chemical industry, environmental protection; Make the garment, spin; Advertisement, culture, meeting is exhibited, pack, imprint Wu; Estate, building, decorate is lived in; The of all kinds somebody such as guesthouse, hotel, travel the transnational corporation of ability demand, foreign trader is solely invested company, China and foreign countries is joint-stock, new and high technology, foreign trader handles affairs orgnaization and business of stock of state-owned, collective, civilian battalion of all kinds enterprise or business unit.

★ strong media is publicized
Evening paper of morning paper of newspaper of market of future weekly, talent, news, news
Future of No1hr.com of illuminative talent net does not have concern net 51job.com

★ overflow serves:
·Offer after the meeting information of invite applications for a job is released freely in Www.No1hr.com of illuminative talent net a month (value 600 yuan)
·Make poster freely a piece (norms: 90*120cm) chromatic ink jet is restricted 500 words) (post headline makes clear company name)

★ exhibits a basic configuration:
Aluminium alloy is built, 3 a piece of table, chairs reach relevant writing material, unit lintel board unified make, offer boiled water and lunch of 2 staff members freely (special requirement and connection of client service personnel)
Account: Account of? of  of Xing Xun of Ti of  of Europe of twinkling of fan of shrimp F fur coat: 03485500040000664
Open an account row: Qian of form of J of ┬ orangutan shrimp is shallow " the  that blow ┲
(by transfer accounts to arrange the place orderly early or late, the spot pays fee, uneasiness of of short duration is discharged)
Strong conduct propaganda: Meeting general is in invite applications for a job Www.china91.com of edition of electron of talent market newspaper, future does not have net of person of outstanding ability of care Www.51job.com, China website and " future does not have care " , " new civilian evening paper " , " news morning paper " , " talent market signs up for " etc extensive conduct propaganda is made on media.
A: The standard exhibits: (be restricted 2 people) (1.5M*1M)
B: Exhibit independently: (2-3 person) (2M*1M is enjoyed solely)
C: VIP honoured guest exhibits: (6 people) (3M*3M is enjoyed solely; Set independent interview)
Price privilege welcomes an incoming telegram to seek advice
Exhibit book a hot line: Young lady of bark of 021-28250588 28422529 62652285
QQ: 718882526 MSN:jBig company of Effxb@hotmail.com welcome light is online seek advice
Placard mailbox: MARKET_HR@citiz.net

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