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Large talent invite applications for a job met 80 thousand person stadium 8 year
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Extend meeting time: 2008-5-10 comes 2008-5-31
Exhibit meeting site: Stadium of 80 thousand people (road of north of brook of Shanghai water transport 1111)
Sponsor an unit: Talent market
Undertake unit:
8 years on May 10 (Saturday)
Exhibit meeting general situation
Energy of life of person of advantage of famous place traffic is exuberant stadium of 80 thousand people and exhibition of Shanghai gymnasium East Asia hold large talent invite applications for a job to meet, mixed 2005 the record that all unit of day invite applications for a job broke through 1000 2006. Come a few years, of the new person that discover talent market gets unit of invite applications for a job and broad to apply for a job greatly reputably, it is one of talent markets that Shanghai has consequence and appeal most. Exhibition of stadium of Shanghai gymnasium, 80 thousand people, East Asia is located in Shanghai inside group of trade of Xu Jiahui gold, all go up for Shanghai famous place, the environment is delightful, establishment is all ready, communication is easy, person energy of life exceeds flourishing. It is the unit shows company image, invite applications for a job looks for the good place of ability.
Place: Road of north of brook of Shanghai water transport 1111
◆ traffic: 07, 15, 42, 43, 49, 56, 73, 89, 92, 104, 120, 138, 218, 251, 401, 526, 704, 718, 923, 764, 808, 824, 857, 872, 826, 827, 832
● strong conduct propaganda: Meeting general is in this second invite applications for a job Www.china91.com of edition of electron of talent market newspaper, future does not have net of person of outstanding ability of care Www.51job.com, China website and " future does not have care " , " new civilian evening paper " , " news morning paper " , " talent market signs up for " etc do on media extensive.
◆ exhibits a setting: Standard aluminium alloy is built (3* 1M sets 2 to exhibit) every are exhibited be restricted 2 staff members
● good service: To go to the lavatory your invite applications for a job, establish good business image, pay cost unit to be able to make poster freely ahead of schedule a piece (90 × 120CM, chromatic ink jet, be restricted 400 words)
Price privilege welcomes an incoming telegram to seek advice
Invite applications for a job can connect a telephone call: EMAIL of 021-28422529 28250588 62652285 Mr Xu: Market_hr@citiz.net
MSN: Jeffxb@Hotmail.com QQ: 728035049 welcomes broad unit is online seek advice

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