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Communication of professional of electronic Information Industry was met on Apri
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Extend meeting time: 2008-4-27 comes 2008-4-27
Exhibit meeting site: Communication of professional of electronic Information Industry was met on April 27, 2008
Sponsor an unit: Market of Chinese Shanghai talent | Shanghai classical talent serves limited company
Undertake unit: Shanghai talent limited company
Respectable leader:
In recent years, the rapid development speed of Chinese electron Information Industry is banner at the world. Current, our country has been formed it is bibcock in order to grow trigonometry, bead trigonometry and area of annulus Bohai Sea are both wings, western the industrial position that the area is empennage. Situation of supply of professional manpower resource becomes the main factor that affects industrial development, the competition of 21 centuries is the talent's competition, who had top-ranking talented person, who had the active right that masters the market.
The health that is stimulative industry develops, recruit industry grows needs professional, help enterprise builds talent storage facility for reserve purpose, serve to reach broad membership unit at company of Chinese electron information better, market of Chinese Shanghai talent is holding the foundation that professional invite applications for a job meets successfully to go up before, the decision is held " communication of professional of 2008 electrons Information Industry is met " , the industry that aims to induct more professional and outstanding talents to add electronic information comes in the team, satisfy the need that the company grows. Invite sincerely expensive unit ginseng to meet, wide Na Xiancai.
Sponsor an unit: Classical talent of Shanghai of market of Chinese Shanghai talent serves limited company Www.jingdianhr.com.cn
Undertake unit: Shanghai talent limited company assist run an unit: Chinese exercitation is online Www.08job.net of network of Shanghai ability power
Time and place:
On April 27, 2008 morning at 9 o'clock, afternoon at 2 o'clock guesthouse of an ancient name for China 5 buildings assembly room (road of water transport treasure 38)
Exhibit a norms and expense:
Norms: 2*1
Shanghai talent limited company opens an account row: Account of subbranch of a bank of development of short for the Jinghe River of river of water transport of branch of Shanghai of Chinese light big bank: 106123-00304015373
Strong conduct propaganda: Enter activity of this second invite applications for a job to attract more professional, will be in " talent market signs up for " " future does not have care " " news morning paper " " new civilian evening paper " net of net of interactive talent net, China person of outstanding ability, wisdom couplet invite applications for a job, future does not have the mainstream media such as concern net to publicize this second activity theme extensively, organize professional personage ginseng meticulously to meet.
Join meeting method: Will join please can affirm sheet is complete after filling in, come at the fax before April 22, 2008 sponsor square, we will be seasonable exhibit an announcement case to answer pass, the unit is pressed please affirm case asks to will exhibit a charge to collect to assign account, so that affirm finally,exhibit. Gathering bill will mail inside a week after arriving to the paragraph appoint a contact.
Friendship reminds: To go to the lavatory your invite applications for a job, establish good company image, pay cost unit to be able to obtain the placard of 2 pieces of 120*90cm freely ahead of schedule.
Party of person of outstanding ability of grace of indoor place environment exhibits a finite as soon as possible signing up
Phone: 021-28250588, 28422529 62652285;
Contact: Bark young lady Mr Xu
Fax: 62652285
E-mail: Market_hr@citiz.net (placard is special mailbox)
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