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Meeting English can tourist guide " white-collar " elder brother month enters 70
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“ dragon tower is the first Gao Gang tower of Asian, it is different from tower of Oriental bright phearl, its height is 336 meters, tower of tower of Oriental bright phearl is 468 meters tall; The fokelore of sun island; A Lejin is what meaning; Suofeiya Harbin of ……” of church history story city people 2 branch Lv voyage are elder brother not just, look in a lot of other place passengers, he still is a good tourist guide.

On August 20, a passenger that comes from Shandong, took the taxi of Lv voyage. After getting on a car, lv voyage told about all sorts of histories of concerned Harbin and setting to this passenger. The passenger listens with pleasure, he Ge Lvhai Cheng regarded as his tourist guide. You help “ I go the hotel sends triumphant Lai hotel baggage, I give you 1000 yuan, help me order a room ” . The honesty of Lv voyage, keep promise the praise that won this Shandong passenger. Nowadays, help passenger shops, the airline ticket that order, mail for nonlocal passenger the voyage of this kind of trustful Lv to the passenger goes to wrap up …… as far as possible help them.

The taxi of Lv voyage store there is a large address book in content box, what write down above is the name of foreign friend completely, these people are the passenger of Lv voyage, a lot of people in them became him not only turn round guest, still became his friend. Can accumulate such person arteries and veins, the spoken English level with remarkable voyage following Lv is inseparable. Annual winter, the tourist of a lot of foreign countries will to Harbin travel sightseeing admire beautiful scenery of ice and snow. For this, lv voyage benefit clutchs with off hours study English, communicate and communicate ability what raise his, provide better service for the guest thereby.

Once, gentleman of gold of a Korea friend takes the taxi of Lv voyage to head for Hua Qi restaurant from International Airport of Harbin peace and tranquility, because golden gentleman does not know Chinese, imitate Chinese pronunciation to convey destination name so very demanding. See this kind of case, lv voyage uses English and this gold gentleman to communicate, let him feel surprizing all the more. That day in the evening, this golden gentleman of Korea phones Lv voyage, ask him to go to the airport receiving two his friends. such, pass 10, 10 pass 100, lv voyage is mixed with his language advantage true-blue service, made many foreign friends.

Bai Ling (sound) the law roll general manager that is an industry of Harbin city. After he meets Lv distance traveled by sea through accidental opportunity, lv voyage can think of when wanting to use a car every time in the company. “ I from them every company month can earn 3000 yuan two or so. Adding other later the guest's income, the net income of my month is controlled in 7000 yuan, be equivalent to a white-collar almost? ” Lv voyage is proud very to this.
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