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Appear on the market certificate business half an year spends a report to announce, appear on the market first half of the year certificate business extends worker firewood fulfil is close 3.2 billion yuan, relatively dropped to be become nearly first half of the year last year,

Sign up for statistic according to Shanghai negotiable securities, business of the “ in amalgamative profit watch reachs business of above town ticket administration fee ” and among them “ worker firewood propose a toast ” or “ salary ” for statistical caliber, appear on the market first half of the year the worker firewood fulfil that certificate business already extended is about 31. 600 million yuan, relatively decreased compared to the same period last year 8. 6 % . Negotiable securities is believed to extend in bibcock certificate business among them firewood proposes a toast 21. 400 million yuan, rank all appearing on the market first of certificate business, it is the sea next 4 what open negotiable securities and its subsidiary. 400 million yuan. Have a state additionally golden negotiable securities, northeast negotiable securities, country yuan negotiable securities, Pacific Ocean negotiable securities amount of fulfil of firewood of worker of 4 certificate business under 100 million yuan.

Specific to certificate business individual, certificate business extends to employee the change that firewood proposes a toast appeared apparent difference, firewood of personnel of 3 certificate business proposes a toast appear compared to the same period growth, and partial certificate business already fell firewood evens more 6 into. The employee firewood fulfil that negotiable securities believes in grows 10 compared to the same period. 6 % , northeast negotiable securities and the Pacific Ocean negotiable security that enhanced construction of team of person of the delegate that protect Jian first half of the year grow 19 respectively. 1 % and 154. 2 % . Employee wages reduces grand source negotiable security compared to the same period first half of the year 64. 4 % , range is the biggest, reduced 1 . 900 million yuan. Negotiable securities of the Yangtse River, sea connects negotiable securities to also reduce even more compared to the same period 100 million yuan, fall compared to the same period it is respectively 45. 5 % , 19. 3 % . Grand source negotiable securities expresses clearly in forms for reporting statistics, suffer since this year security market is small confuse an impact, the performance pay of employee decreases somewhat according to examining way. Country yuan negotiable securities expresses in half annals, this period salary relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 55. 5 % , company total profit drops, not plan raising promotive fund is main reason.

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