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Power sea is released salary pointed to lead 2008
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A few days ago, shandong saved power sea municipal government to release business pay pointed to lead 2008, with worker of on guard of whole 2007 town average wage is base 21121 yuan, affirmatory salary coachs line datum line is a worker average wage increases 15% , on line (early-warning line) for the worker average wage increases 22% , get offline for the worker average wage increases 7% .

Enterprise of demand of power sea city should run a state according to production pay of reasonable and affirmatory worker increases a level. Every produces the company that runs growth of normal, economic benefits, all answer to plan worker wage growth around datum line. Economic benefits level is higher, pay ability stronger company, can be in datum line and on arrangement worker pay increases between the line. Production runs the company with normaller, average economic benefits, can be in datum line and get offline between arrangement worker pay increases. Although production manages growth of normal, economic benefits, but cannot decide around datum line as a result of special difficulty the worker is added endowment proportional enterprise, every increase the enterprise beneficial result that also must release according to the government 1% , the lowermost growth proportion that worker pay increases 0.3% raises wage for the worker. Manage to production more difficult, go up year of deficit and predict to may appear in those days the enterprise of deficit, but of short duration does not raise wage. The salary that of all kinds company pays to offerring the worker that works normally, do not get the minimum wage standard that issues under municipal government.

Special demand of power sea city is state-owned reach state-owned accuse an enterprise to plan worker wage growth, answer to implement the policy of macroscopical adjusting control of country and province strictly, the scale that other worker pay grows staff of reasonable and affirmatory management and business concerns. When arrangement year pay increases, average wage does not increase the worker, company controller wages also cannot increase; Business wages increases short of salary to coach the line asks, want to deduct company controller income with scale; Worker of enterprise on guard is average salary under worker of whole town on guard of average wage, amplitude of company controller income does not get prep above amplitude of this company worker pay; Worker of a gleam of (except enterprise middle-level and middle-level above worker) range of year wage growth is not gotten under this enterprise average wage increases scope.

Various work of power sea town and social security branch will fulfil salary to coach line circumstance undertakes checking to the enterprise, policy of direct to fulfilling salary without warrant line and the enterprise of concerned requirement, judging when choosing actor first, “ one ticket overrules ” .

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