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Without stannum: Salary of company technical ability talks things over arouse em
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Public figure of department of safeguard of a mountainous area labor introduces benefit, after this area executes salary collective to talk things over, stability of pay of worker of a gleam of of organizational system enterprise is added go up, broke through work norm, piece rate to negotiate difficult point in recent years, and industry salary negotiates difficult point. Especially the industry sex collective that nine industry begins successfully talks things over, not only benefit and worker 19 thousand, and more the fairness that is helpful for an industry competes. It is reported, to the end of this year June, average wage increases worker of whole town on guard compared to the same period 13.8 % ; Collective of pay of business of whole town organizational system talks things over enclothe a face to achieve 89.9 % , achieve annual goal basically. (Ling fining jade)

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