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Without stannum: Salary of company technical ability talks things over arouse em
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Salary collective talks things over to expand what cover a range ceaselessly, promote worker wage growth. And the enterprise that takes the lead in executing salary of “ post skill to negotiate ” , also savor negotiation benefit: Get stabler employee team not only, and the enthusiasm that aroused worker of a gleam of to enhance technical ability. The reporter ensured the understanding when the branch is interviewed to arrive in work of the town that do not have stannum recently, hui Shan area breaks through salary collective to negotiate difficult point ceaselessly, enterprise and worker realized “ double win ” .

Salary of worker post skill is the negotiation that comes for years difficulty. Last year, be located in benefit not to have Xihuaguang a mountainous arealy to invest a group to take the lead in beginning post skill salary negotiates matters concerned. This is production enterprise of component of a car, the skill level of employee is crucial. Sha Yongming of chief of branch of this group human affairs tells a reporter, the enterprise adopts a variety of forms to groom in constituent worker, on the foundation that assessment rates, determine and talk things over what undertook iteration for many times with the worker, negotiate an agreement in what with 500 many post 600 many employee signed post skill salary last year in October eventually.

The effect how? This kind of form can stabilize “ employee rank, raise skill level. ” Sha Yongming analysed the employee flow of its enterprise to lead, after salary of executive post skill talks things over, do not calculate high flow to lead before first half of the year is to drop compared to the same period more this year 0.5 % . But Sha Yongming sees more growth that are employee skill level. The salary structure after talking things over encourages employee more to master skill, improve skill level and work efficiency. Salary structure of Hua Guang includes salary of skill salary, piece rate, length of service to wait, if judge,go up technician still have allowance.

Skill efficiency is tall, tall, salary is high -- this got salary collective talks things over to be approbated bilaterally. And the assessment of skill salary decides class way -- academic exam adds practice to take an exam, also get those who negotiate both sides approbate before execute. Be in one round annulus determine with in talking things over, the skill salary of 500 many post divides 11 level in all, monthly wages differs to 1200 yuan from 90 yuan, mostly the skill salary of post is in 4 class above. Sha Yongming expresses when analysing salary structure, generally speaking skill salary is high, piece rate is corresponding also taller, skill level is great to salary influence. Its skill salary is assessed two years commonly, if staff plays skill actively to groom, raise skill level, so a few grade jump repeatedly when be being assessed again possible also. Accordingly, below the encouragement of this kind of means, the enthusiasm that employee grooms to skill rose naturally also. To the enterprise, employee group not only stabler, skill quality also gets promotion, more the benefit development at the enterprise.
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