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Big talk fulfils keep within limits of wages security system to default peasant
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From big talk city concerned branch learns, big talk city implements wages security system, effective keep within limits defaults peasant worker pay. Come from January 2005 in May 2008, big talk city constructs a field unit of each project project already stocked security of peasant worker pay to designation bank account 801, add up to 255 million yuan.

As we have learned, hainan province builds system of security of pay of domain peasant worker at beginning to build by 2004. According to relevant provision, the province austral Fan Zaihai explain the construction that gets license of construction project construction and construction unit, must build system of security of peasant worker pay. Always invest 30 million yuan of the following construction projects, construction and construction unit are in explain before getting construction license, should press money of construction contract total prices respectively 2.5% as bail one-time stock; Always invest the construction project of 30 million yuan of above, construction and construction unit want respectively one-time stock 750 thousand yuan to serve as bail.

Once appear to default salary or default project money to cause construction unit cannot on time full specified amount pays a farmer labour salary, classics after checking, can be in charge of a branch to grant to delimit first from inside wages security by labor safeguard.

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