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Salary of Olympic Games laborer is top can amount to 5000 yuan of average monthl
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According to the report, the salary that Olympic Games farmer is versed in is top can take 5000 yuan, salary makes an appointment with 2500 yuan on average. The respect is concerned during participating in an Olympic Games to build the farmer project that builds a 6600 square metre technically serves an area, room of service of office of phone of evening school of worker worker of reading room of the books inside service division, peasant, small-sized supermarket, IP, network, dining room, film shows the have everything that one expects to find such as field. In addition, to make sure construction is safe, concerned branch according to 1 ∶ the scale of 10, anthology hired the farmer industry with strong heart of nearly 4000 seasoned, responsibility to hold the position of a building safe supervisor.

See the life condition that Olympic Games farmer is versed in and income level, believe a lot of people can shake for it. And the life with service all ready facilities serves an area, collect fees cheaply, the likelihood also meets estimation townsman be envied to this unceasingly. But it is peasant worker worker together, the difference is tremendous. Go into town commonly the life that the farmer is versed in is very bitter still, they live in pallet work shed, eating cheap meal, wearing dirty dress, culture life is in desert state basically, safety is faced with menace at any time, most crucial, their salary is not high.

Worker worker of Olympic Games peasant perhaps is China's happiest peasant industry group. Accordingly, the demonstrative effect of ” of standard of Olympic Games of “ of peasant worker pay, be worth to expect.

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