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[Hubei] dweller of Wuhan city town method of try out of insuranc
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chapter general principles

The first is build further perfect mutiple level medical treatment guarantees a system, ensure the demand of primary medical treatment of town dweller, basis " the State Council about beginning town resident primary medical treatment is sure pilot directive opinion " (the country is sent [2007]20 date) spirit, combine this city actual, make this way.

Dweller of the town inside area of the 2nd this city administration is basic medical treatment is safe (cure of dweller of the following abbreviation is protected) applicable this method. Lake of Cai Dian, Jiang Xia, thing, Chinese south, Huang Bei He Xinzhou area but according to this method, combine each area to make executive opinion actually, of short duration executes area class to plan as a whole.

The 3rd builds dweller cure to protect a system to ought to follow the following principle:

(one) hold to low-level start, raise fund of level and safeguard standard and level of progress of society of our city economy and each respect bear the principle; that ability photograph gets used to

(2) hold to freewill ginseng to protect, the right and compulsory and quits principle;

(3) hold to a family (individual) pay cost is given priority to, the government gives the principle of appropriate allowance;

(4) insist to be raised in order to close surely, balance of income and expenses, somewhat the principle; of balance

(5) hold to as primary as town worker medical treatment the principle of making overall plans and take all factors into consideration of medical treatment of collaboration of safe, new-style country and deliverance of social medical treatment, harmonious development.

Branch of safeguard of the 4th labor is the director department that cure of this city dweller keeps the job, the organization that responsible dweller cure guarantees is carried out and manage. Orgnaization of agency of various society insurance (orgnaization of agency of social security of the following abbreviation) cure of responsible agency dweller keeps job of day-to-day professional work, street agency (government of people of villages and towns, similarly hereinafter) reside with community appoint can cooperate agency to concern business work. Orgnaization of agency of various social security, street the actual workload that wants to be protected with dweller cure with the work out of community, personnel and working funds suits.

Medicines and chemical reagents of tax of government of each division people and development reform, finance, civil administration, wholesome, land, work out, education, public security, food is supervised, the concerned unit such as couplet of statistic, incomplete and branch ought to be inside respective duty limits, do the relevant work that good dweller cure keeps jointly.

Ginseng of the 2nd chapter keeps cost of the pay that register

Cure of the 5th dweller is protected ginseng protecting range is to have census register of Wuhan city town, do not belong to town worker the town dweller that system of insurance of primary medical treatment covers range. Specific target includes:
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