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[Gansu Province] medical treatment of perfect town dweller is sa
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The Gansu Province build the major task that system of insurance of primary medical treatment regards town dweller as harmonious the people's livelihood, want one of 12 real things that do to saved a government 2007 certainly. Made this year in May come on stage " insurance of primary medical treatment carries out dweller of town of the Gansu Province plan " , primary medical treatment protects dweller of the comprehensive town that start to work nearly.

The reporter pressed down a dweller from total provincial capital a few days ago primary medical treatment understands on insurance job informal discussion, up to in November the middle ten days of a month, have 156. Dweller of 670 thousand town attends primary medical treatment to be sure, occupy should join 48 what keep town resident. 1 % ; Cure of dweller of town of predicting the end of the year is protected ginseng protect a number to will achieve 50 % above, lanzhou, calm on the west, 3 pilot cities will reach wine spring 70 % above.

The branch such as safeguard of labor of the Gansu Province considers to make relevant policy, perfect town dweller is basic medical treatment plans as a whole safely administrative levels, raise fund standard, ginseng is protected register, capture of fund ask forring, fund is supervised and the method such as cost budget. Branch of various labor safeguard ensures platform with orgnaization of social security agency and labor of street, community to rely on, offer policy to seek advice for town dweller, ginseng protect register, card of pay cost hair, pay is enjoyed etc " one-stop " service.

Shi Jun of vice-governor of the Gansu Province points out on the informal discussion, mix currently henceforth a paragraph of period, job of insurance of primary medical treatment is enlarging town dweller the dweller is basic medical treatment covers a range, strive for 5 jobs had grabbed on the base that enlarges pilot city: It is to hold to low-level start, freewill, apanage manages masses, coordinate as a whole, advance town dweller medical treatment to be sure to work in the round. 2 it is to execute city class to plan as a whole as soon as possible, accelerate a city low protect personnel medical treatment to be sure to town dweller primary medical treatment is sure and course. 3 it is to clutch build and perfect town dweller primary medical treatment is safe and primary safeguard, financing raises, fund is superintended and manage service mechanism. 4 it is various government should bring into fund of social security allowance finance budget, allowance reachs the designated position. 5 it is to raise management to serve a level. Strengthen network construction, aggrandizement major grooms, simplify handle affairs flow, rise civilian benefit civilian service.

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