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[Hubei] Wuhan: Unscramble " town dweller " of method of try out
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" dweller of Wuhan city town is basic method of try out of medical treatment insurance " after coming on stage, many citizens put forward to join protect, register, pay cost, submit an expense account the doubt that waits for a respect. Yesterday, city works and the relevant controller of social security bureau is made to this method unscramble.

Ginseng protect register annual

Join first protect began on December 1 from this year. Before October 31, 2008, the dweller can be dealt with in community at any time add newly ginseng protect register. From of 2008 rose in November, dweller ginseng is protected register annual, time is came on November 1 on December 20; The place that register all is census register seat or the community of house dwelling place is resided appoint meeting.

When registering, ginseng protect a dweller to need to show booklet of registered residence and Id original to refer color of Xerox, one Zhang Yicun near future to register according to, a piece of bank that is used at pay cost gets stuck. Low protect a boy or girl friend, one, 2 class spend the disabled again, old person of low income family still should refer relevant identification.

Low protect, spend deformity ginseng to be not protected again give money

Because town dweller cure is protected,aim to settle difficult group " it is difficult to see a doctor " , " see a doctor expensive " wait for a problem, method is establishing a procedure in, abided by low-level start principle. Among them of phase of of all kinds middle and primary school in etc of children of school student, teenager the dweller under 18 one full year of life raises fund the level is everybody annual 100 yuan, 18 one full year of life and above dweller raise fund the level is everybody annual 420 yuan.

In the meantime, two class finance takes out city, area 100 million yuan of capital, increase the allowance that still is put in difficult masses to individual pay cost. Specific for general staff allowance 80 yuan, old person of low income family is accessorial 370 yuan, low protect, spend disabled sum allowance again. Among them, use at only low the grant-in-aid specified number that keeps a target amounts to 58 million yuan.

New student also can join protect

After the census register that finish is registered, new student can deal with ginseng maintain the procedures that register, and pay in those days insurance premium of primary medical treatment. Since the second month that enters the cost that protect capture, begin to enjoy dweller cure to defend salary.

Average outpatient service can sign up for 30 yuan at most

Inside an insurance year, join the cost of medical treatment of average outpatient service that keeps a dweller to happen in the medical establishment that decide a dot, in 100 yuan the following, cure protects fund to pay 30% ; The charge of 100 yuan of above, provide for oneself by the individual.
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