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[Sichuan] insurance of Chengdu medical treatment is real " one c
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The person that hold card nods drugstore to be able to be brushed surely in either card buys drug

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Huan) " the social security that I am city high a city gets stuck, can be you brushed here really? " yesterday (26) day, work in city high a city formerly, after retiring, answer new the Huang Shufang great-grandmother that the area lives, arrive designedly new a drugstore of area downtown " try card " . Since that day, social security of the Chengdu City gets stuck " one cartoon " debut formally, 20 this class of city of the Chengdu City, areas (city) prefectural ginseng keeps staff, all can hold him social security to block an any retail drugstore inside limits of this city canton land with certain boundaries to brush card to buy drug.

As we have learned, because town worker is basic,medical treatment insurance applies according to apanage management principle all the time, namely 3 class run province, city, division system, various as a whole apart business accounting, cent does not manage fund, because this appeared,3 kinds of social security block province, city, area. The consequence that causes from this is, it is with Chengdu exemple, this city class and 20 areas (city) the county is in charge of pair of ginseng inside area of politics of one's own profession protecting personnel to offer medical treatment to be sure to run a service respectively, the staff that keeps in city class ginseng can be in the drug-store that city class nods surely and hospital to consume only, the staff that keeps in area class ginseng can be in only again the hospital that area class orders surely and drug-store consumption, and the social security of different area county gets stuck also cannot general.

To change this one condition, the Chengdu City realized medical treatment of central the city zone to be sure last year in October " one cartoon " hind, undertake the system upgrades further transform. Since yesterday, 2.61 million ginseng of this city protects the town worker, 570 thousand farmer that joins integrated society insurance to be versed in, can hold card to be in this city 1048 nod retail drugstore to brush card to buy drug surely. This city is studying, the hospital deciding a dot that lets social security card be in whole town next " one cartoon " .

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