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[Hunan] limits of danger of Changsha inductrial injury enlarges
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● rises 16 days this month, limits of insurance of Changsha inductrial injury expands to the service industry such as meal, accommodation

Unit of ● choose and employ persons is employee pay insurance premium

● ginseng is protected execute real name to make manage

The person that ● uses norm capture to expend means everybody every months of capture 6 yuan

The labour that wash a foot, massage female the peasant worker worker that waits for service industry can enjoy treatment of inductrial injury insurance. Yesterday, the reporter arrives from town work and understanding of social security bureau, government of the Changsha City " the announcement that is versed in about advancing the service industry farmer such as meal, accommodation, recreational recreation ginseng treatment hurts insurance " already began to apply since November 16. From now on, on the peasant industry body that the inductrial injury of Changsha is sure to enclothe limits to enlarge the service industry such as meal, accommodation, recreational recreation. The farmer of these industries will be versed in henceforth, if produce inductrial injury accident, the inductrial injury that will authority obtains a country to consolidate a regulation is sure to compensate for.

Individual of peasant worker worker does not need capture to expend

Industry of the meal of Changsha, accommodation, recreational entertainment very develop, come from the data of door of Department of Commerce to show, changsha washs bath only recreational line of business has size to wash bath site to cross 10 thousand, practitioner evens more 150 thousand person, entire industry year turnover is in 3 billion yuan of above, 2% what occupy whole town GDP, annual taxation of turn over to the higher authorities exceeds 200 million yuan. But while service industry develops quickly, comparative to servantchoose a person for a job partly consciousness of insurance of unit inductrial injury is dim, ginseng defend initiative not tall, the awkward condition that makes served course of study to be immersed in devoid labor safety to ensure from personnel of course of study. The management state because of industry of this city meal, accommodation, recreational entertainment is relatively stable, from personnel of course of study more, so municipal government decides the proceed with such as industry of the meal from inside service industry, accommodation, recreational entertainment has side of enlarge of inductrial injury insurance.

As we have learned, enrol the unit of choose and employ persons that be versed in with the farmer and is engaged in the service industry such as meal, accommodation, recreational recreation in Changsha, all answer according to " byelaw of inductrial injury insurance " and " method of insurance of inductrial injury of the Changsha City " relevant provision attends inductrial injury to be sure, for its all building that what labor concerns from insurance premium of inductrial injury of pay of personnel of course of study. Unit of choose and employ persons can be versed in for the farmer go ahead of the rest deals with ginseng treatment to hurt safe formalities, and on time full specified amount replaces insurance premium of its pay inductrial injury. The farmer is versed in the individual does not need capture to expend.
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