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[Guizhou] Guiyang city: Worker worker of 45 thousand much peasan
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Guizhou business signs up for dispatch (Zou Kaiyong Lv flies) Guiyang city took many move, it is difficult to solve masses to see a doctor, see a doctor expensive wait for a problem, make a lot of societies such as peasant worker worker weak force group also enjoyed social security. Up to in September end, this city ginseng machines safe farmer work to amount to 45980 people, attend medical treatment to be sure 8830 people. The reporter works from Guiyang city and understanding of social security bureau goes to this.

As we have learned, this city extends social security actively to cover range, publish measure of policy of 6 form a complete set, be sure the society to enclothe escalate to arrive worker worker of personnel of town difficulty enterprise, flexible obtain employment, peasant and town dweller, offer policy to prop up to solve difficult group ginseng to protect. In Yun Yan, Na Ming, brook 3 the city zone began town resident on September 30 this year primary medical treatment is safe and pilot the job, up to in October end, ginseng protect register seventy-three thousand three hundred person, capture expends thirty-nine thousand seven hundred person, insurance premium of the medical treatment that collect pay 1.97 million yuan (do not contain governmental allowance) . Be versed in through beginning a farmer " restful plan " , in the Gao Wei such as advantage industry and building, mine industry peasant worker worker attends inductrial injury to be sure to obtain apparent effect. Up to in September end, this city ginseng machines safe farmer work to amount to 45980 people, attend medical treatment to be sure 8830 people.

Hospital of the orgnaization of community sanitation service that this city will have requirement of the service that decide a dot, villages and towns and seek profits medical establishment brings into sexual civilian battalion to choose service orgnaization government surely. Up to this year in October end, this city nods medical treatment to serve an orgnaization to enlarge 201 surely, solved a service to nod little problem surely. Expanding to nod medical establishment surely while, this city is perfect still manage a mechanism, manage mechanism and mechanism of monitoring of charge examine and verify through perfecting the medical treatment that decide a dot to serve an orgnaization, behavior of normative medical treatment, control growth of expense of unreasonable medical treatment strictly. 2006, this city be in hospital second all medical treatment charge is 6844 yuan, reduce 1297 yuan than 2005, fall 15.93% .

Additional, this city returns force of audit of society of have the aid of to begin the audit audit that keeps number and pay cost cardinal number to social insurance ginseng to work, check of pay of applying society insurance premium administers a regulation, prevented social insurance fund effectively run, risk, drop, leakage. Since this year, city class investigates orgnaization of 6 services that decide a dot to violate compasses use cure to keep fund record, involve ginseng keep staff more than 100, recover be cheated five hundred and thirty-five thousand six hundred yuan to use cure to keep fund.
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