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[Liaoning] balance of distant in relief open and close from ones
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The author from November 19 distant in relief county institution endowment insurance learns on working conference as a whole, to get used to the need that system of institution endowment insurance reforms, distant in relief county mixes balance close to raise an institution to bring into endowment insurance to plan as a whole oneself oneself limits.

Every classics is the same as class government or approval of department of staff of ranking government orgnaization is established and the management department of staff of personnel of check and ratify, institution that register is registered or put on record, human affairs branch determines wage level, the institution that personnel weaves funds provides for oneself entirely or provides for oneself partly reachs his on-the-job worker, from emeritus (duty) personnel serves as ginseng protect a boy or girl friend. Primary endowment insurance is expended by ginseng guarantee slip with worker individual collective pay, ginseng protect on-the-job worker to should send the sum of base pay and each allowance to expend base for capture with the month on oneself, the unit protects worker individual capture to expend base the sum to expend base for capture with all ginseng, 8% what individual capture expends scale to expend base for individual capture, 25% what unit capture expends scale to expend base for unit capture.

As we have learned, since November 20, management board of career of prefectural society insurance begins conduction ginseng to maintain the procedures that register. Join first protect need to carry id card of legal person of card of code of certificate of institution legal person, origanization construction, unit, open an account an account, ginseng protects personnel salary test and verify to get stuck. Every months 1 it is date of pay insurance cost to 15 days.

From emeritus (duty) the pay of primary endowment insurance of personnel includes: Basic annuities, the plan hair scale that leaves retiree base pay by the institution that the country regulates namely of plan hair from emeritus (duty) cost; Each allowance that human affairs branch examines and approve; Individual account annuities, namely individual account accumulative total stores of the forehead 1120 (individual account pays end till) ; The involuntary discharge of urine that after dying, sends by compasses devise a stratagem belongs to pension and funeral expenses.

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