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Workplace strategy: the failure of fresh raw job resume five Achilles heel
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First, the resume, regardless of primary and secondary Many resume, content, and numerous forms of chaos, corruption and more perfection, can not wait to write everything as a result, a hodgepodge, and have actually not sure what people really want to express what candidates. Different experience, and demonstrated different abilities, the same experience, a different description, can also display different experience. Write the confusion, candidates will only make people feel confusion, regardless of primary and secondary target is unknown. You want to be the kind of person, put itself as what kind of person, do not expect recruiters when the horses. Second, the focus is not prominent For the final year students, the experience less, inexperienced, but at least educational background is a bright spot. In the interview, found that some candidates had few words with his educational background, experience or even to undergraduate education and graduate educational experience on one line, hard to find a graduate student. In fact, business students for fresh investigation, special attention to social experience is not the key to graduating students in the study of learning ability, adaptability, communication skills and more stringent. Third, the interview is not enough emphasis Late is a universal phenomenon. As a highly educated group, late should be informed in advance telephone. Shangqie do not attach importance to time people can count on his attention to performance, attention to performance? Writing confusion. Some candidates in the filling, the written word is really to be commended. If calligraphy is not good, can be spaced slightly larger, at least not to plug up and down the two lines together, not read it. Fourth, poor professional standards Finance Law in an interview a few undergraduates, participated in this year's bar exam, but also for as long as several months of preparation, but asked the relevant legal issues, but could not answer a whatever, so the water, how to engage in legal matters? Law school for four years, the level like this, how can expect them to commercialization of the company's short-term learning environment, enhance it? Students want to have fresh line. Line is not wrong, but it can not be prepared to work in the direction of learning? One interviewee said he wanted to turn the direction of human resource management, asked whether to be prepared, the answer learn on the job, the company when the school, and when the lab, do the tuition fees to the company? Come prepared, do not fight for the stick! Fifth, makes up resume The same thing, different from different angles can be described, the expression of different purposes. Well experience is mining. The problem is that mining is not equal to fabricate. If it is made up, did not eat pork, pigs seen walking, can also be. But never seen the pigs to walk, but compiled pig walk, not that makes up? A few questions in depth, water came out immediately A law school undergraduate writing in the Independent asked a year ago when the business plan and say that too much time had forgotten the absurd: something written in their own independent, so soon forgotten, memory of these legal matters can ? Alternatively, or really forget, then do not write your resume, or write to the information immediately to refer to the following in the past, why not? Lazy! By the strength of the job, not a fluke, not pure luck! Enhancing strength, laying the foundation to be successful! With repeated back and forth, battered, as Jing Xiaxin depth analysis themselves, explore their own to enrich themselves first!