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Enterprises employ personnel to quickly identify patients selected
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The actual process in the consciousness of people, some managers are often under the words of the beautiful appearance and deception, an important appointment, the result is "a bad tank foam droppings sauce," "a pot full of fishy Lanrou angered." Therefore, not to look from people, but to only the employer is that each manager who must master the principles of knowledge, otherwise you are mediocre one. Know how to avoid the appearance was only a mistake? A new manager as well in order to more quickly identify and find potential talent, according to the ancient art of war in the selection method, combined with my experience of the candidates, the election the more practical of the several, hoping to help all the leaders. (1) Question of the words in order to view its details More to the other question, from which to observe each other know how much. Recruit new companies when the candidates must come to a "figure identification", the examiner would have to multi-candidate questioning, which is "to ask them with words, in order to observe its details," one of the methods. Identify a person, not just a mere formality, really need to issue sufficient to determine the other issues. "Your hobby is?" "At home with those people?" This type of issue is the question form on the probe a person's heart, to no avail. "Do you have any opinion on this issue ?""-- this type of difficulties, changed you, how to break the impasse?" This type of problem to destroy the core, enough to make each other's skills, thinking, exposing clues as to determine the valuable information. Again, as a boss in the face of major problems, subordinates or colleagues may wish to ask: "for you, how to solve?" At this time, usually people who seem well-strain, and yet a loss for words, or is irrelevant answers; and seemingly not enough smart people, but it can be solved in the recipe made - a fact that a person will make you keenly aware of the usual appearance and lack of trust in words and deeds. (2) listening of his words and knowledge of their mind Most of the potential talent yet to blossom, they said in public that Mandarin, little chance of lies, their words, the vast majority of occasions in the free expression of the poet BARS heartfelt words, is not with the "color" the nature of words, and thus to more truly reflect and express their true thoughts and feelings. (3) the poor of the speech, in order to observe its changes Kept asking, and the more the deeper question, the more extensive the reaction to observe each other. People who lack self-confidence to face a series of "pressed" to panic, false statements to right, eyes Gu Lulu's turn to -, asking people to change from these expressions to determine what the other person is. Little knowledge of the people on one thing, in the "poor of the words" the circumstances, would eluded capture. (4) to observe the line, to see the pursuit of A person's behavior reflects a person's pursuit. Any person, if his wish to enter into the role, this role will be to keep the area more or less points, "dress up phase", only those who are in general among the people, they are neither worried about losing the role, not deliberately looking for opportunities to express themselves, so all their words and deeds are relatively simple nature. Management personnel if there is no dress in a perspective of the circumstances of his "authentic" and that "real" and the show also contains a valuable point, then boldly such talent, in all likelihood is reliable. (5) to understand was asked to watch his German Frankly tell the secret, to observe a person's character. If you hear the secret to immediately convey to a third party, such officer who can not keep secret, you can not close friends, we can not cooperate, or to avoid the better. The other is not very tight-lipped, or is it easy to slip of the tongue, as long as the leakage of the secret to him, to know what kind of person he is. Using this method will often find that usually self-proclaimed "best keep secret" people, but most people would be breach of confidentiality. From these responses, we can ascertain the other party is not trustworthy. (6) analysis of the energy, talent Bianqi Although at the growth potential of the talent development stage, and some even taught in the initial period, but both people, is bound to have a talent innate qualities. Or the fearless courage, or mud, but not dyed valuable character, in short, is both a talent, ordinary people will inevitably have a different place, otherwise it can not be called talent. A good knowledge of talents "Bole." It is to be in the "Maxima" no place to display their legs and feet when it identified the different horses in general, if the "Maxima" show has long been among the heroic vault in the surf, then why "Bole" identification. (7) Getting their reputation, observing their behavior Knowledge of good talent, should keep a clear head, have their own independent views, not "language made tidal waves" by it. The name has become a significant talent, not touting praise was rightly ringing in the back with singing the praises of, but should listen a negative opinion; the potential for fame is not the praise received by personnel should be careful not care. This is because most people have the "Matthew Effect" psychological, parrot who mostly, we said, okay, that multiplied the more good people, and people tell NAO, the NAO said that people will drift. When the latent talent in a stage, "Matthew" For him irrelevant. Furthermore, it is not good for his touted available. Therefore, the awareness of the potential talent praise from the heart, so the employer, if he heard you were praised for an average person, be sure to attract attention. (8) to make the money, to watch his honest Let him deal with the financial, let him clean it or not detected. A person sent to the unit easy to get a rebate to the service, it is easy to see that innovation is not a clean man. Service in the unit easy to get rebates, even if some selfish people who are determined not to take kickbacks at the beginning, time goes by, the fashion, money eyes. To test a person's clean or not, send him to as long as the units will be true absolutely shattered. (9) divisions of the difficult to watch his courage Sent to his hard work, to observe his courage, courage. Usually kept "failing firm" who, once the crisis is temporary body, often at a loss, not disgruntled. The more submissive personality who, the more disconcerted difficulties; Therefore, to test one's courage, the courage, you have to work hard to give him one after another to deal with, from observing his reaction. (10) drunk of the wine, to watch his state Him a drink, to watch his attitude. People usually tight-lipped, yellow soup you'll feel completely different, and not only disgruntled, but also fierce that ill of others, so that people can judge he was a frequently harbor resentment and even jealousy 强烈, harmful heart of man people. The strong-willed, sensitive and decisive in the famous Alexander the Great, will be drunk after drinking gaffe, provoked a lot of trouble. He faced up to, simply dip the wine alone in a tent and refused to see people. Generation of heroes like this, not to mention human. "Drunk of the wine, to watch his state" is very helpful, "People Identification Act."