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Interview Skills: Notice of the Office of the job interview etiquette
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Employment, must be prepared to meet his future boss may be. Men naturally have the most clean clothes to wear, but do not have to dress up too much. Waiting in the waiting room, they do not seem anxious to relax. When called his name should be calmly and confidently go into . When people see the interview shake hands and say "good morning" or "Good afternoon." Should be noted that, although the interview confident people should behave, but do not seem too confident, the end of the meeting the two sides shook hands again. Ladies should wear to the interview clean, bright, gives a good initial impression, jingling sound of jewelry, perfume too thick, pull Debu seam stockings straight and errors, not nails or have taken Peng Peng loose head Hair, etc., are sufficient to offset the cover letter given her a good impression on people. Anxious to interview his boss on the future condition is not smart. The first question that some people have referred to the pay and holidays, this approach often does not give the impression that a good first impression. In the interview process, the owner will explain the work about the scope, nature, requirements, working hours and salary, etc., will be discussed later leave and pension details. In his question, the applicant's response should be streamlined, cut Questions and did not hesitate. After that, he may ask job applicants to this position if you like, and whether the issue is to be proposed class. Owner that the successful completion of the meeting, he will stand up say, "Thank you, I already know your everything." If he thinks is the ideal job candidate, he may immediately employed. If all are full of job seekers Meaning, they can accept, and then another and then agreed to work date. Job-seekers to leave, the boss may be sent to the office door, and tell the time will be later sent a letter to him regarding his job, to be confirmed. Although this is only a verbal promise, the boss should not be in the And later change your mind, be employing others. If not make a decision at the meeting, or there are job seekers to meet, the boss may say whether the future employment with the written notice.