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Yangzhou newly completed this fall the human resources market yesterday the big
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Job hall four floors, with a total area of 11,000 square meters, from entry job is no longer crowded. Yesterday, in the Yangtze River Road, near the city of Shenyang Commerce, the newly completed first trial of Yangzhou, the human resources market opening, held this fall A job fair will be the largest. Here, the applicant took out a card, a brush before the electronic sensor, the computer will automatically input the identity information job seekers, employment services from the database system will be "tracking service" life. Job without the need to "squeeze squeeze a" Yesterday, 9:00 am, the newly completed Yangzhou surging flow of human resources market, large electronic screen on the first floor, rolling repeatedly employing information, electronic screen placed in front row seats 5 people can sit and take your time. Second floor Hall separated into small single room, each with electronic screen, not only display jobs recruitment unit can also play videos. Four new market buildings, each 2,000 square meters, a total of 11,000 square meters. WANG Bing-end interview people just happy to tell reporters: "used to go to job fairs, too many people too crowded, heard speak is not clear, new people Human resources market is very large, no longer afraid of 'squeeze squeeze an' out. " Database can automatically match job As of 10:30 am, 2,000 people have been admitted, 130 employers provided 6,500 total posts ... ... job pointed at the staff entrance hall, far-infrared scanning system, told reporters in the past will not enter the recruitment of people Number of thanks, "estimate", and now the computer automatically identify, approach "headcount" more accurate. The hall, there are a "second-generation ID card identifying the window," swipe card, the computer automatically input the information, employment services, job seekers track record from a database of employment information. Responsible human resources market People said that job seekers can be the professional, specialty input information database, the system will automatically match the related work accordingly. Not only that, if you are unemployed, and information base will be the first time through the "Employment e-pass" the latest post Information sent to you by SMS. Students, workers with the job market City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau told reporters that the responsible person, the original job market next week, keep up the labor market, "merged", where the city will become the largest and most complete human resource allocation and the public to Service Platform. It is understood that the original human resources organizations can be divided into two categories, one is to focus on the migrant workers, skilled workers in the labor market services, and the other college graduates for the service of the talent market. Yangzhou human resources Source market put into use, the applicant no longer be classified, whether students or migrant workers, will be in the same job market, two markets of origin information will be shared resources.