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Prefectural stage manager
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Hunan complementary benevolence medical limited company

Prefectural stage manager
The email: Pay of Hunanban_2007@163.com pay: 3000

Working fixed number of year: 5 years of above
Number of invite applications for a job: 4 people age asks: 28-40
Workplace: Board and lodging of / of Chang De / offers: Do not offer
Professional requirement: Market sale kind working property: Full-time
The computer: Common foreign language asks:
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course date of expiration: 2008-11-26

Specific requirement:
Workplace: Hunan Province each area holds a post qualification 1, the age 28 years old of above, record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning; 2, be engaged in fast consumable selling management 5 years above experience; 3, have ability of stronger management, government. Complementary benevolence group product market runs mode to use pattern of fast consumable sale! Complementary benevolence medicine expects elite of fast consumable sale joins in! Complementary benevolence, provide the poineering platform of a 0 investment for you. The company does poineering work for your investment, in the meantime, you still will be obtained contract area manages gain the share out bonus of 50% .

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