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To apply for a job: Find the 8 great quality of good job
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Obtain employment of Beijing college graduate coachs central not long ago is opposite many 150 state-owned large and medium-sized enterprise or business unit, civilian battalion and company of new and high technology, 3 endowment the manpower resource branch of the enterprise and partial college had an investigation, the result shows have the following the undergraduate of 8 characteristics most the welcome of unit of benefit from person. Actually more than it is a this year's graduates, any wants to find the person of good job, need to have the following quality.

  Company culture is agreed with inside the shortest time

“ company culture is the spiritual prop that the industry survives and develops. Employee agrees with company culture only, ability and company grow jointly. The chief of ministry of resource of labor power of company of ” carapace card says, “ our company is when invite applications for a job, state of mind of to apply for a job of undergraduate of meeting key check and profession locate whether with be identical of company demand bearing, ego understanding of the individual and development space whether the company culture with the company and be identical of development trend photograph. ”

Obtain employment of Beijing college graduate coachs the center hints about the expert: Before “ undergraduate to apply for a job, want to emphasize the company culture that chooses a company to place to have a few knowledge, see oneself whether agree with this company culture. If want to join this company, the be identical of photograph of viewpoint of value that is about to make oneself viewpoint of value and enterprise are advocated, so that enter enterprise hind, blend in oneself self-consciously in this group, will restrain oneself behavior with company culture, fulfil his duty for the enterprise responsible. ”

  Have a group to company loyalty attributive feeling

Questionnaire investigation shows, the manpower resource personage of state-owned company, foreign capital enterprise, civilian battalion enterprise thinks consistently, would rather want an enough to the enterprise faithfulness, even if ability all but employee, also not be willing to want an ability extraordinary but chop and change however employee.

The manpower resource director of an enterprise thinks, employee is faithful to the enterprise, expression is opposite in employee company facilities is flourishing the interest respect with the success, no matter the boss is in not attendant, want seriously job, work dependably. Have the stuff of attributive feeling, his faithfulness, final meeting lets him achieve ideal goal, become a person that is worth reliance thereby, the person that a boss is happy to employ, one may become the person of boss man Friday.

Obtain employment of Beijing college graduate coachs teacher of central Han spring scenery expresses: “ enterprise is when employee of invite applications for a job, besides want check outside its ability level, individual moral is the most important evaluate a respect. The person that does not have moral cannot be used, undeserved also education. The faithfulness that the most important in moral is pair of enterprises on one hand is spent. The sort of already capable the person of faithful enterprise, just be the optimal talented person that every enterprise needs. ”
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