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Answer duty field to a person of low position leisurely
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“ forest is old, what bird has ” . The hard to avoid in duty field has a mean person, analyse the state of mind of a few kinds of Lilliputian that often can appear in the office, perhaps conduce to you adjusting your the manner to them and strategy.

Raise action: This kind of person comes from family of urban petty bourgeois commonly, quality is inferior. If they are done,not be too ham, you can need not go managing they, but proper when, you also can strike back. Because this kind of person is average bully the weak and fear the strong.

Bully or cheat strangers: This kind of person has a habit, to newcome the person should be elbowed out, in order to show oneself the main position in this environment. Once time grew, you blend in this circle completely, they can change an end, go new personality of a run on a bank.

Rumor: To common rumor, the person that remember “ is clear from Qing Dynasty, chaotic person from chaotic ” , need not pay attention to; To exorbitant rumor, can accuse ” of “ law court completely.

Dispute: This kind of person is the manufacturer of office rumor, peddler. To this kind of person, best method is stay at a respectful distance from sb. You want to notice, do not talk about your private affairs in the office as far as possible, because of dispute model the privacy that the person likes corkscrew another person most, your private affairs can be the material of their chatter root of course.

Disposition is barpque model: Without what they may be baleful, just get along very hard, because their disposition is barpque, behavior is bizarre, you cannot understand them with the thinking of normal person.

Debase others model: This kind of person should appear more advantageous than others everywhere, what do you say he should interrupt, he should prove each thing he knows morer than you. Because they have,the matter that such doing is cannot the vanity of untangle, what perhaps conceal very greatly is self-abased.

Evil person: This is a kind of the most dangerous person, because they may have,pack bonnily. When just was being contacted, they are so well-meaning it seems that, so friendly, care so again to you. You are touched may tell him everything him, and once you follow his interest happening,conflict, he steps on you with respect to ground of meeting firm firm one foot.

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