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Become a competitor when the friend
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Just walk out of a school gate, looking at the world of brightly colored, always feel everything is fresh in that way. Can go up in talent communication, I and company of a food signed a contract that use worker worker, probation 3 months, want me to be made from business nevertheless, my jump at.

The first day goes to work, I am filled with joy, more those who make me glad is, in this company I encountered a Li Na of elementary school classmate that did not see for years. For a short while each other times feeling is friendly, laugh not approach mouth. I secretly glad: Really old day aids me, this issues me not anxious nobody coordinate. Be in next in the day, my with one one's heart is responsible, the manager praises me always also to be in charge of seriously to the job, handle affairs capability is strong. Be in at this moment, the company opened meeting of a job, basically be to be aimed at the work that the activity of large-scale sales promotion of 51 develops to arrange the meeting. I am divided in city north area. Want to know, city north area collected site of the biggest a few commerce, and exceedingly close also from my home.

I run gladly to Li Na before, those who want to let her share me is lucky, who knows glare of ground of her firm firm I am one, cold say: You have “ quite of skill ah, just will do not have a few days to give my seat occupied. ” said to leave the office with respect to ground of in a huff. I stay to stand slow-wittedly over, do not understand oneself after all err what. At this moment, a colleague on the side goes to the side of me, say: “ is in charge of city north area all the time before her, you come she is moved to the area austral the city, so she just is met such, do not mind, worked to go well. I am laughing at ” to nod, satisfying in have kind of inarticulate taste.

Return the home, I thought very long, decide to seek a manager the following day early in the morning eventually, requirement and the area that Li Na exchange is in charge of. Can arrive the following day everything changed again, the manager moves her to content shedding group, be in charge of the arrangement of goods of all the city zone and allocate and transfer, what didn't I say again. Back-to-back, we coordinate the work with respect to the earlier stage that began insecurity. I all the day “ bleachs ” outside, with matters concerned of each bazaar agreement sales promotion. And Li Na also is moved to other office temporarily, we have meeting opportunity very hard almost. I am done not have more put that issue on the heart, the heart thinks, wait for this phase the job is busy was over, I look for her to talk well again not late also. Then I investment of systemic a person's mind arrived among the job.

The course tries hard, the result is satisfactory still. 7 my responsible inn, besides a large supermarket, agree with new stock up, have the sales promotion inside inn. And this supermarket agrees to do short-term road to exhibit only, after sales promotion passes, keep any goods in stock no longer. This also is meant, we want proper motion replenish onr's stock and the government that wants responsible goods, did not sell the goods that go out to pullback entirely even. But to extend the market of company provision, hold bigger market, be obliged put up with. In subsequently day, I should work overtime everyday almost late night, I hope to be able to assign the job a few more carefully, think of all accident circumstances as far as possible. After all but this shows this chance inaccessibly, I can be not behaved one time well how.
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