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Analysis: Your professional career plans
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How to undertake the design of professional career? The following proposal, can edify somewhat to you probably.

It is “ directional ” . Direction decides a fault, act in a way that defeats one's purpose. Normally the circumstance falls, what professional direction learns major to decide by oneself. But feasibility condition is, after a lot of people graduate, what cannot learn major completely to choose the job by oneself, some even with former professional be totally unrelated. This needs serious consideration, the choice suits his professional post. Sometimes for obtain employment, should enforce even oneself go the post that “ suits ” not to like, wanting this kind of profession only is the society is in short supply, be badly in need of or have development perspective.

2 it is ” of “ calm dot. Alleged “ nods ” to decide the site that the profession develops namely surely. The selection after for instance some people graduate goes southern, some choose peaceful line of Shanghai, Shanghai to head development, some chooses to go border area, big northwest, the place that the choice needs most to the motherland goes, above criticism. alleged “ person has annals ” each. But should consideration of element of integrated many sided, cannot be seized by a whim, be swayed by one's emotions. Pick standard way at the beginning, can be in a place, around a profession long-term stability develops, the qualifications and record of service to oneself and experience can have help and progress. Change often place, to professional career growing disadvantages outweighting the advantages.

3 it is ” of “ fixed position. Expectation of pair of him levels, ability, compensation, psychology wants to bear before choose course of study degree etc undertake comprehensive analysis, make exacter location. Not lamentable view, had located oneself low. More do not want him overmeasure, cause hope the value is exorbitant. Once cannot be like,wish, disappointment is bigger also. Strong finish school by pitch on of well-known big company, and pay material benefits is liberal, it is your luck of course. If was not touched,go up this kind of good good luck, also need not crestfallen. Care about the fame of the company not overly, the discretion of compensation. Want this this company, professional post to suit you only, should try. Establish is made from basic level, accumulate experience stage by stage, the thought concept that seek develops.

4 it is “ centering ” . Be distracted, chop and change, how well and truly “ ” of directional, calm dot, fixed position? No matter what do, need “ centering ” . “ heart is errant, the thing does not become ” .

From the point of philosophical angle, where of ” of dry what of the 4 “ in deciding ” to solve professional career to design namely actually, “ does above “ the stability that how ” , “ does ” and a secretary in charge of sth to do poineering work these a few the mainest problems. These a few problems had been solved, professional career progress can be compared successful. In addition, the enterprise is undertaking the profession promotes to a high office when the design that develops way, need to advocate bad of corresponding award actor discard, what reason of give attention to two or morethings and inside and outside pay equal attention to is politic; It is with outstanding achievement oriented, what be united in wedlock with individual apiration is politic; Give priority to with in-house promotion, exterior invite applications for a job is complementary, encourage multivariate the strategy that channel develops.
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